The holder must be considered the great absentee of this event. Silent Hill: The short message. We learned of its creation a few weeks before, when the Korean agency The Game Rating and Administration Committee registered it to assign it an age category.

Despite this, the game has not been officially announced. However, in the last days of 2022 its existence was somehow confirmed by a Taiwanese rating agency that rated Silent Hill: The Short Message 15+. Not only that: the entry contains a logo and a short description of the production.

Anita arrives at an abandoned apartment to meet her friend Maya hers. Strangely, she wakes up there and discovers that she has been imprisoned. Now he must escape her own fears and the monsters that lurk in the halls, discover the truth behind the events that put her in this situation, and get out of it before the trauma consumes her will to survive.

Anita and Maya’s names match those in the May 2022 leak. She also mentioned SMS (short message system), which was mentioned in 2019 by Alana Pearce of the Santa Monica Studio, suggesting that they are one of the ways that the new Silent Hill will destroy the so-called fourth wall.

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