Sigma Battle Royale Android

Mixing ingredients from Fortnite and Free Fire, Sigma Battle Royale offers us exciting games in which 50 players fight to survive

Sigma Battle Royale is an excellent third person shooter game with full color battle royale style (obviously) 3D graphics. The most interesting feature of this title is that we can participate in frantic games with up to 50 players. Only one can survive.

Find your life to fight and survive

At first glance, this title manages to capture attention thanks to its graphic design, very similar to that of Fortnite. From here, the experience is similar to that of other games in the genre.

The game begins with all players on board a plane that they can jump out of at any time. Upon reaching land, they must rush to collect weapons, ammunition, body armor, helmets, first aid kits, and other pieces of equipment. And even vehicles to move around the map.

Once well equipped, the players have to go in search of the rest to eliminate them. And this without forgetting that the safe zone is getting smaller and smaller, so that the survivors will be forced to confront each other.

To play we have a map and buttons to jump, run and various shooting options (standing, prone, crouching). The control panel changes when we get into one of the vehicles, being able to drive different types.

As if that were not enough, all this is made up of several characters with different skins, a wide variety of weapons (including some special ones, such as frying pans or katanas) and a 4v4 game mode. Altogether, downloading the APK file gives us a totally free fun mobile shooting game with excellent gameplay. Maybe it’s not the most original proposal, but it’s so well optimized that it runs smoothly even on the most low-end devices.

Who is the developer of Sigma BR
Little is known of the development team behind Sigma, only that it calls itself Studio Arm Private Limited and would be based here in Singapore. They do not have any other known games or apps and their developer listing on Google Play is no longer available since the game’s removal from the official Google store. Of course, when opening the game on our Android, the name and logo of Daemon appears, which has a profile on different social networks such as Facebook or TikTok in which the launch of the game is discussed, without ensuring that it is an account official.

Why is Sigma not on Google Play?
Initially, this game was available on the Play Store, but it only lasted about 48 hours until it was withdrawn, during which time it reached 500,000 installations. The main reason for its removal was because Google understood that it violated the store’s developer policies due to its many similarities and similarities with another great game of the battle royale genre: Garena Free Fire. It is unknown if Garena had anything to do with this withdrawal through any petition or complaint.

Is Sigma Battle Royale still working?
Despite the removal from Google Play, Sigma can be downloaded from other sources like the one you are at and until very recently it could continue to be played normally. However, a few hours ago, if you download and install the Sigma APK, you will find a message that the server is closed for maintenance, thanking the users for having participated in the beta testing phase of the game and informing that it will return soon. Of course, we do not know when it will be because the official release date of the stable version of Sigma has not yet been announced.

Sigma vs Free Fire: comparison and differences
What is certain is that one of the pillars of Sigma’s great success is its resemblance to another very popular battle royale such as Garena Free Fire, to such an extent that many users have not hesitated to call it Free Fire Lite. The game is practically identical, and hence its removal from Google Play that we mentioned before. Even so, we can highlight some differences:

  • It is a game more suitable for low-end mobile devices, with a smaller installation package and also consumes less resources.
  • The graphics are somewhat more cartoon-like compared to the graphics of Garena Free Fire.
  • Obviously, not being on Google Play, Sigma can only be downloaded and installed via an APK file.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • This program is a modified version of the original application, developed by third parties unrelated to its owner and Malavida, who do not verify, validate or approve it. The download, installation and use of this program will be under the exclusive responsibility of the user, without Malavida assuming any responsibility for the effects or results that it may produce in their terminal. Neither Malavida nor the original developer of the modified application nor any of their trademarks have any connection with this version.


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