The second season of The King of Fighters 15 begins on January 17 and the kickoff of what seems to be a great year will be given by the character of Shingo Yabuki, who will thus become the first fighter to join the squad in 2023.

Shingo was one of the characters fans missed the most when the game was released. The fighter came to the franchise in The King of Fighters ’97 as an admiring fan of Kyo Kusanagi whose fighting style he copied but without the flames that are the fighter’s trademark.

A new beginning for The King of Fighters 15

Along with the entry of the new fighter, SNK is also preparing an update to balance some characters more. The DJ Station will also have news in the form of new songs coming from the credits screen of 15 titles of The King of Fighters saga and some more tunes are expected to arrive in the future.

The beginning of the new season of the title may be the ideal time for you to enjoy the latest version of one of SNK’s flagship franchises again or to try it for the first time. Here you can read our analysis to know what to expect.

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