April 25 (Global Web Wire)- It has been almost a year since the alleged infidelities committed by Gerard Piqué while he was still in a relationship with Colombian singer Shakira became known. Since then, the former central defender of FC Barcelona has been the target of attacks on social networks, as well as hints from Shakira in the songs she has released about their separation.

But this is not the only thing that the Catalan has been reviewed for in the Spanish and international media. His relationship with Clara Chia has also been on the lips of the paparazzi, who have noticed the changes that the young public relations officer has undergone, perhaps to look like Piqué’s ex-partner.

Shakira’s IQ

A few days ago, the press talked about Shakira’s IQ, stating that she was a gifted person according to the Intelligence Quotient portal, which has data on 19 celebrities, including Shakira, who stands out as one of the most intelligent women on the planet with an IQ of 140, putting her alongside Albert Einstein in 18th place.

Gerard Piqué’s IQ

Recently, El Heraldo de México highlighted the intellectual capacities of Shakira’s ex-partner Gerard Piqué, stating that he has the same IQ of 140 as Shakira, which contradicts what the singer expressed in Music Sessions #53, where she affirmed that, besides the gym, she should train her mind more.

In addition, Piqué’s intelligence has also been highlighted by his father, Joan Piqué, in different interviews. Since his adolescence, Piqué made it clear that his academic abilities were the best in school, but he surprised everyone with his decision to leave college to devote himself entirely to soccer, as highlighted by the magazine Aló at the time.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué share the same IQ

Shakira and Gerard Piqué share the same IQ

The World Health Organization (WHO) established that a person is “gifted” once it is proven that he or she has an IQ equal to or higher than 130, confirming that Shakira is a person with high intellectual abilities.

Shakira’s Multilingualism and Academic Degrees

It is worth mentioning that Shakira, born in Barranquilla, has stood out throughout her artistic life. She is fluent in six languages, including Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Catalan, thanks to her stay in the territory where she shared with her husband’s family. She also plays five musical instruments: guitar, piano, drums, bass, and harmonica.

During the pandemic, Shakira took the opportunity to continue her distance learning studies in Ancient Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania, earning her degree shortly thereafter. This is not her first academic degree, as she graduated in History of Western Civilization at the University of California in 2007.

Shakira is not only a very talented singer who dazzles with her artistic talents but also a woman with unique intelligence who has now joined the list of “special humans” with high intellectual capacities.

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