One UI 5.0

One UI 5.0 is finally here, and that too the stable version, not the beta one, and we have yet to learn why the beta version was running for so long. If you have a Samsung phone, you are soon getting the One UI 5.0, most probably this very next month.

And let us tell you, there are so many useful new features in this One UI 5.0, many of which are inspired by other operating systems. We will tell you everything in this blog.

Intelligent Wi-Fi

First of all, let’s talk about intelligent Wi-Fi. Suppose there are multiple Wi-Fi networks available nearby you. So, this Intelligent Wi-Fi feature will automatically find the strongest Wi-Fi network and will automatically connect your device to that network. Not just that, you will also get full information of that Wi-Fi network, like its signal strength, how far it is located, the quality of that network, etc.

And you will also get the developer mode for the intelligent wi-fi. From that developer mode, you can turn on Wi-Fi power saving mode, which will reduce the Wi-Fi load on your battery.

Stacked Widgets

So, the second feature is stacked widgets. What it does is when you add a widget on your home screen, you can add another widget on top of that. Basically, stacking one widget over the other. Keep in mind that One UI 4 also had this option, but it was in manual mode. Here it is all automatic. You can just drag and drop widgets of your choice over each other, so it becomes much more user-friendly than what we had in One UI 4.

Lock Screen Customization

The next feature is Lock Screen Customization. Now, if you look closely at this feature, you will understand from where it is inspired. It is from iOS, actually. If you look at the text and clock, you will find fonts similar to iOS.

But what is different from iOS is that if you are using the weather widget in the lock screen, you will only see the widget notifications from there; you will have to touch it to open the widget and see the temperature. In iOS, you can see the temperature right from the lock screen without the need of touching or tapping the weather widget.

New Security Dashboard

This new Security Dashboard comes from Android 13, but Samsung has optimized it in its own way for its devices under One UI 5.0. You can scan your phone from this security dashboard, and it will give you all the suggestions regarding outdated and harmful apps installed on your phone.

It will make your phone safe and secure from any kind of potential malware attack or hack. We suggest our readers to make use of this new security dashboard if you have upgraded your Samsung device software to One UI 5.0.

Improved Multitasking

The new One UI 5.0 brings a whole new experience when it comes to multitasking. New features have been introduced here for multitasking. You can change any window to a floating window, yes, and even the Settings Window can be made as a floating window, helping you seamlessly use multiple apps together.

And the Split Window feature has also been introduced here. Swiping up on the screen with two fingers will split the screen into two parts, making you able to use two apps simultaneously, both taking half of the screen.

Now another great part of this is supposed if you often use two particular apps together, then you can save this pair of apps as a preset on the sidebar panel of the screen. So, if you ever want to load both of these apps together under the split screen feature, just go to the sidebar panel of your screen and load up the preset! Voila!

Language Setup on App Basis

This is a remarkable new feature. Suppose you want to use your phone in English language and certain apps in other regional or local languages. Then you can set up those apps to use a different language. Now you don’t have to set the language inside those apps. They will by default, load in that particular language you have set them up to.

What do you think about the new One UI 5.0 based on Android 13? Let us know in the comments.

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