April 21 (Global Web Wire)- The Ministry of Water and Environment (SAMA) will reactivate the ecological brickyard in the municipality of Loreto, Zacatecas, because the production of bricks in the state is a highly polluting factor, as it involves the burning of firewood and dung in the traditional process of production.

Zacatecas was the only place in Latin America with an Ecological Clay Products cooperative (Probelz) in the municipality of Loreto nearly a decade ago.

Irma Laura Hernández León, Director of Climate Change at SAMA, coordinated with the Loreto city council and the Probelz brick producers to conduct a preliminary project.

According to the SAMA register, the number of brick-producing kilns in Zacatecas decreased by 55% during the last 10 years, from 1,500 to only 648 in 32 municipalities that emit pollutants into the atmosphere. Guadalupe and Fresnillo are the top producers at the state level.

Regarding the process that the ecological brickyard will use, the official explained that the firing system is entirely sustainable and allows the reduction of water use during the production of clay products.

Hernández León mentioned that they had practically ready for the reactivation of the project. However, previous authorities did not follow up on it, and now the agency has it as one of their main tasks for this year to benefit the environmental sector and brickmakers.

She stated that they had yet to define a budget because they are carrying out a thorough diagnosis to determine the conditions in which they find the motors, rollers, and other necessary equipment for production.

In an interview, she stated that the ecological brick kiln is a pioneering project at the local and national levels, mainly due to its focus on supporting brick kiln workers. The agency seeks to replicate it in different municipalities.

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