Persona is one of Atlus’ franchises with a myriad of communities spread all over the world and the debate about which series is the best will always reverberate when discussed. However, the name Persona 3 is always said to be one of the best and there are so many fans who hope that the series gets a remake.

Atlus himself has confirmed that he has several projects to be announced in 2023. Interestingly, in the middle of the game discussion that will be announced through the forum It will reset, Lollipop who regularly share game leaks reveal and reconfirmed that Atlus has started developing Persona 3 Remake.

Persona 3

Persona 3 Remake will have the same “form” as Persona 5, especially in terms of graphic quality to QoL. Interestingly, the content inside is said to keep the “fans” happy with what Atlus has to offer in the remake.


It has been proven that in fact Persona 3 is still a fan favorite and has the greatest chance of getting a remake, especially from the design concept of the game which is much different than the two classic Persona series and is considered more familiar to new fans who have just joined Persona 5, for example .

It should be emphasized that this still just a rumour and there has been no confirmation whatsoever from Atlus. 2023 is still long and there are many other possibilities. But at least the fans can expect that Atlus is preparing big things compared to last year.

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