Cloud Retainer in Human Form – Many people agree that Genshin Impact is one of the best action RPG games and players can work together to defeat enemies in co-op mode. This game by HoYoverse has a reputation because the content is always attractively packaged in every update.

The leaks and leakers themselves have become part of the community. Recently, there was a leak that Cloud Retainer, one of Liyue’s adepts in the form of a white crane, will appear in human form in the upcoming Genshin Impact update.

Cloud Retainer in Human Form

human-shaped cloud retainers
Cloud Retainer Human Form

Reddit user applesauce0101 shared an image containing the latest leak which is mind-blowing. He got the leak from a website called NGA and he has translated it into English.

The leak contains the possibility that a human-shaped Cloud Retainer will appear for the first time in this game. The adept will be seen in one of the cutscenes for the upcoming Lantern Rite event, an annual event adapted from the Lunar New Year celebrations.

genshin impact cloud retainer wujud manusia
Sumber: applesauce0101 (Reddit)

The leak also provides a description of how the human form of this Cloud Retainer looks like. She has a tall body (tall female), wears glasses and has the Cryo element as well as her hair in a ponytail. He also has tsundere traits. Overall, his outward appearance might be a little similar to Shenhe.

More details, you can see the appearance below.

Will Cloud Retainer be a playable character? According to the rumors above, the answer is no. Of course this is very unfortunate by fans. Because, Cloud Retainer was one of Morax’s old comrades who also built a residence on top of Qingyun Peak.

Of course, this news should not be taken seriously until we get an official statement from HoYoverse regarding the appearance of a human-shaped Cloud Retainer.

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genshin impact wanderer
This month’s calendar model is a wanderer

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