Free Fire x Devil May CryFree Fire is the game of publisher Garena, who is known to like to present variety update skin, weapon, and others such as DJ Alok, BTS, Anitta, and many more. After collaborating with Justin Bieber, this time around a leak has circulated where this game will be collaborating with franchise popular games, that is Devil May Cry.

Free Fire x Devil May Cry Collaboration Leaks

Free Fire X Devil May Cry 5
An overview of Nero and Dante’s characters in Free Fire

Launching from one of the Youtuber MazMazing, it is known that game collaboration Free Fire Devil May Cry will materialize, where games are known to be maintenance on January 11, 2023. This news certainly shocked the players, because Devil May Cry 5 is one of the popular games that is busy being played by circles gamer world.

There are several leak that appears in the video. Like logos Free Fire x Devil May Cry newest, two bundle Dante and Nero, the characters that are in Devil May Cry 5. Later, this character will most likely be included in the collaboration.

Free Fire X Devil May Cry 5
An overview of Evil Dante’s Bundle and Devil May Cry 5 Weapons

Apart from the characters, there are also leak others that will be coming to the game, such as weapon and Glow Wall do not start Devil May Cry, emote new, bundle where Dante can transform into Evil Dante, and much more. It is rumored that the collaboration Free Fire Devil May Cry it will appear after update ob38.

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Mobile Game Bravely Default Brilliant Lights will Close Server in 2023

Bravely Default Brilliant Lights Tutup Server
This game is closing servers in 2023

Related to the game mobile, Bravely Default Brilliant Lights must accept the harsh reality that the server will be closed in early 2023. This closure has also been confirmed by Square Enix as the developer that presents Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights.

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