New Valorant Map — Early 2023 has started, of course with this it will be even more interesting to wait for in terms of content and a new atmosphere for today’s FPS players. Of course, the new content and atmosphere need to be waited for for a long time, as players will always enjoy content from the games they like.

One of the new content seems to be coming from the developer of Valorant, Riot Games, which seems to have tempted players to look forward to the latest content after Harbor arrived in Episode 5 Act 3. This time, the developer provides interesting ‘information’ regarding the continuation of the stories of these agents through their official Twitter.

There Are Signs of the Arrival of a New Valorant Map from Riot Games

Possibility of New Valorant Map Coming in Future Content

Through its official Twitter account, the developer begins to tempt players with the presence of the latest conditions and conditions for these agents later. Shown through the first tweet of his official account, the atmosphere is sparkling in the city with dark reddish shades, showing the figure of Fade standing in front of a building.

The second tweet shows Omen’s condition as well as another unidentified agent, but it is most likely Sage, with her hair in a ponytail. Omen is also seen sitting at a table and a small Bonsai, indicating that there is a high probability that the new map in the game will be in Japan.

The next tweet shows the condition of the city or the atmosphere of this new place through the perspective of 3 other Agents, namely Raze, Killjoy and Jett. In the tweet, they are seen enjoying their evening at a food stall and chatting about the food they are enjoying.

Tweets That Leave Many Questions

New Valorant 3 Map

Not much is known about the tweet, what kind of content will be present considering that Act 3 will end next week. Of course this raises a lot of speculation whether it is necessary to make a new map as a change in the content or even a new feature for players to enjoy.

Since the director’s departure from the Valorant development team, players are hoping that this content will be one of the early year refreshes that everyone has been waiting for.

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