Rihanna to Lend Her Voice to ‘Smurfette’ in New Smurfs Movie and Write Original Songs

International media has been buzzing with news about Rihanna. We all saw how the Barbados-born singer wowed audiences with her halftime show at Super Bowl LVII. She belted out some of her biggest hits there.

And this time, with a grand entrance, Rihanna made a surprise appearance in person at CinemaCon. It is an annual event that draws movie industry professionals from all over the world. It has been taking place since April 23 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. And Rihanna made this year’s convention even more exciting with her announcement.

Without any warning, attendees were thrilled to hear that the music icon will be involved in the film industry, and specifically in a new project that she announced at the convention for movie theater owners.

The pop and R&B star joked about auditioning for the role of Papa Smurf but ultimately settled on voicing Smurfette instead. It’s worth noting that the director of Paramount Animation, Ramsey Naito, was present for the announcement.

Additionally, Rihanna will also be responsible for writing, recording, and starring in the original songs for the movie.

For her public appearance, Rihanna chose to wear a simple and comfortable outfit as she’s currently in her third trimester of her second pregnancy. She donned a stonewashed denim layer.

The Smurfs Movie to Explore Issues of Identity

Director Ramsey Naito revealed that the new Smurfs movie will explore identity issues. So, naturally, it prompted the question, “What is a Smurf?”

“The film will be based on the original comics by Belgian artist Peyo, which follow small creatures living in a village surrounded by a forest, building their homes among flowers, trees, and mushrooms.”

Pam Brady wrote the script, and Chris Miller directed the film, which will hit theaters on February 14, 2025. Julia Roberts, Katy Perry, Hank Azaria, and Joe Manganiello lent their voices to two previous productions of The Smurfs in a hybrid live-action format.

Rihanna Performs at the Oscars with Best Song Nomination

On March 12, Rihanna took to the stage at the Oscar ceremony to perform the song “Lift Me Up,” which is part of the soundtrack of the movie “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.”

Rihanna earned plenty of applause from the audience when her song ‘Lift Me Up,’ featuring Swedish composer Ludwig Göransson and Nigerian singer Tems, received a Best Song nomination. American director Ryan Coogler and Tems herself wrote the lyrics.

This was Rihanna’s first time competing at the Oscars after winning nine Grammy Awards and producing eight multi-platinum albums.

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