This November, there are so many new mobile games released, especially anime style ones. One that is quite interesting is Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud with an RPG combined with the concept of a roguelike tower defense. Redeem code Neural Cloud in 2023 can be very important for you to strengthen your team and overcome various challenges in the future.

Neural Cloud combines many elements through RPG, tower defense, strategy. Players will be required to form a team that contains many characters at once with a variety of different roles. To get a character and strengthen it is not easy. Of course the redeem code on Neural Cloud will greatly facilitate the players, especially the F2P.

Redeem Code di Neural Cloud – Update 2023

  • NCMUSIC – Coins & Various Material Upgrades
  • NCDISCORD – Coins & Various Material Upgrades
  • NC42LAB – Coins & Various Material Upgrades
  • NC1121 – Coins & Various Material Upgrades

We have tried the various redeem codes above and they can still be used when this article was written. The prize itself isn’t too fancy, but for something that’s given for free it’s good enough to upgrade your character, especially when it’s still difficult at the start of the game and players are free.

How to Use Redeem Code on Neural Cloud

  • Open the game
  • Tap the option / gear icon in the upper right corner
  • Select the Redemption Code section

  • Enter the desired Code / Code
  • Check Mail and get free gifts

There are no specific requirements to be able to use the code, so players can use it immediately after completing the tutorial. We also recommend that you immediately use all the codes that we provide above, these codes can expire at any time without notification.

Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud is a spin-off series of the original Girls’ Frontline game made by MICA Team. Still involving Doll’s role in facing a major crisis that threatens their existence, you will act as the commander of “Project Neural Cloud” whose job is to protect and gather Doll’s squad to uncover the secret behind the great tragedy in their world. The game itself still carries tactical gameplay, but this time with roguelike elements and 3D graphics.

Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud is available globally on November 21 for Android and iOS. You can get the game directly from Google Play or App Store. Don’t forget to visit the official site for a variety of further information.

Neural Cloud

Publisher: Darkwinter Software Co Ltd

Developer: Sunborn

Release Date: 2022-11-21

Mobile Game, Android, iOS

Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud is a spin-off series as well as a prequel to the original Girls’ Frontline game made by MICA Team. The game offers the concept of Tower Defense, RPG, and also quite exciting roguelike style with 3D graphics and anime-style visuals.

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