Of the many concepts and genres currently circulating for mobile games, of course, RPG is the one that dominates the most and it has been proven that it can still sell very well, regardless of the hands of well-known developers or not. Miko Era Twelve Myths with the redeem code they have might be one of the RPG games that has just emerged and is being played a lot.

Miko Era Twelve Myths will require players to strengthen characters which are divided into four classes to choose from. Players must be good at concocting the equipment used, pets, skills, and various other things. Therefore, the redeem code in Miko Era Twelve Myths can be very useful for players to speed up progress, especially for players who don’t want to spend a fortune.

Redeem Code Miko Era Twelve Myths

  • top2022 – Youthful Days costume, 200,000 Gold, 1 EXP Ticket, 1 EXP Talisman and various other items

It must be admitted that the Redeem code that this game has is still small, but at least it helps a little by providing attractive enough costumes to make you more enthusiastic about playing it through a cosmetic. There are also some in-games that might help free players a little.

How to Use Redeem Code on Miko Era Twelve Myths

  • Open the game
  • Select the Benefits menu

  • Select the Redeem Giftpack menu
  • Enter the desired code

  • Press the Claim button
  • Take gifts in the menu Friend > Mail

The method is really easy and doesn’t need certain conditions, you can immediately claim it right after creating a character. We also recommend that you immediately use all the codes that we provide above. The reason is, no one knows when the code will expire.

Miko Era Twelve Myths is an MMORPG game with an island tribal style. The game itself has an MMORPG concept as its main base where you will create characters, strengthen them, fight monsters or other players. Not only fighting in the open, there is also a variety of dungeons and other content that includes PvE and PvP. The graphics are decent and seem light as well as being an advantage.

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