The actor will play a corporate spy in the new Paramount + production

After four years without a new project on television, Kiefer Sutherland, recognized for the series 24 (2001), returns to the small screen with an espionage drama. This is Rabbit Hole, where the actor returns to the projects that made him popular. The program will arrive next March through the Paramount + signal.

The television series will be a thriller that centers on the story of a corporate spy who fights against those in power for the preservation of democracy. Entertainment Weekly has released the first images of the show, offering a look at the characters that will be involved in the upcoming production.

This television show is created by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra (I Love You Phillip Morris). The first season of the project will consist of eight episodes and will follow private agent John Weir (Sutherland), who was falsely accused of killing Treasury Department official Edward Homm. To make matters worse, the people of the Homm have a loathsome power that allows them to manipulate and control the population by any means necessary.

Weir, “whose life is built on a lie,” finds himself fighting for democracy against powerful forces when an unexpected event shakes his life. He will end up involved in a conflict full of deceit in the world of corporate espionage. The stills show Sutherland’s return to the action genre, alongside Meta Golding (Empire) as Hailey Winton, Charles Dance (Game of Thrones) as Dr. Ben Wilson.

Glenn Ficarra explained to the aforementioned outlet that Rabbit Hole delves into the story of a man whose entire life is a lie and who also lies for a living. “This is about manipulation. It is misinformation. It is about questioning your everyday reality. That is real?” he continues he. “It’s about people trying and failing to trust, people trying to find trust, trying to figure out what trust is. Isn’t that the center of all relationships?

Charles Dance, actor of Game of Thrones also participates in this program. (Paramount+)

With these statements, what can be expected from this anticipated production is that it is a story full of unexpected twists in each new chapter. The cast is completed by actors Enid Graham (Mare of Easttown), Jason Butler Harner (Ozark) and Walt Klink (Arctic Circle).

For his part, Sutherland, pointed out that he did not need to be convinced to participate in the next production, since he accepted immediately, after reading the script. “Having the opportunity to play a character whose essence is all about being in control, only to have it taken away, and then pushed into a world where up is down, left is right, it was very exciting for me,” he explained. the 56-year-old actor.

In addition to starring in the series, Sutherland, who last year starred in The First Lady (playing former United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt), also produces the show alongside Charlie Gogolak (The Sinner), Suzanne Bymel (Designated Survivor) and Hunt Baldwin (Longmire).

Before Rabbit Hole premieres, you can catch Kiefer Sutherland in Designated Survivor on Netflix.

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