Sony PlayStation Financial Report

It is a day of strong news about Sony PlayStation, as the company has shared its most recent financial report, corresponding to the quarter that ended with the end of the year 2022. In it we have been offered a new PlayStation 5 sales figure and we have also known data on game sales and PS Plus subscribers, but there is one more detail that has caught our attention.

PS5 Sales Forecasts 2023

VGC has reported that the company has increased PS5 sales forecasts for the first part of the year 2023. In this period in which it is expecting to sell even more consoles, thanks in large part to the fact that there are fewer and fewer problems of stock availability in stores.

Forecast of 19 million

Specifically, it has raised the forecast to 19 million during this fiscal year (initially it was 18). With 12.8 million units sold so far in this period and one quarter remaining, they expect to sell 6.2 million more from January to March.

If they achieve this, it would mean not only beating, but doubling the sales peak achieved by PS4 in the same quarter: between January and March 2014, Sony’s previous generation console sold 3 million, half of the current forecast.

Behind in total sales

Although PS5 is increasingly increasing its sales pace, it is not yet able to surpass PlayStation 4. Upto December 2022, and according to the latest official figures, PS5 has sold 32.1 million compared to the 37.8 million accumulated by PS4 during the same period. PlayStation 3, however, is easily surpassed, as it took that console a total of 38 months (three years and two months) to reach 30 million.

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