Communication is of vital importance as we try to overcome one of the biggest disasters our country has ever experienced. As reactions grow following the blocking of some social media channels such as Twitter, Proton VPN, one of the biggest VPN companies, announced that they have made all their services free for Turkey.

Access to Twitter, where people who want help make their voices heard, where people organize for aid, and even where people under the rubble communicate with the outside world and call for help, has been restricted in recent hours.

AK Party’s official account and ministers continue to share their posts on Twitter, which is restricted for citizens.

One of those VPN services, Proton VPN, has announced that they have made all their services available for free in Turkey in response to calls from users in Turkey.

In the announcement, which started with the remarkable statement that ‘access to the internet is a human right’, it was said that they will stand by users in all countries where access to information is restricted by their governments.

Proton VPN is currently available for free and unlimited use in our country.

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