Overwatch 2 players can get a golden weapon which is considered a hero’s prestige skin and is a sign that you are playing that hero. However, what would happen if you could get this skin for free without having to grind like crazy first in a competitive match?

This Bug Allows Overwatch 2 Players to Get for Free

Ownership of this golden weapon can be said to be quite sacred among Overwatch 2 players. How can I not? to get it you have to grind it out in a competitive match by collecting 3000 competitive points for one weapon. This skin will be an identity that you are an expert at using a hero who holds this golden weapon.

For those of you who are lazy to grind or just a casual player who just wants this gold skin for fun, a redditor with the username Taha_OwO provides a bug trick so players can access cosmetics for free without having to use competitive points. He also shared steps to take advantage of this bug via a YouTube channel called Not Muda.

The trick is you have to have a friend or enemy who has Hanzo’s golden weapon. You only need to be shot by Hanzo’s arrow which is also gold in color and your character’s weapon will become gold by itself throughout the match.

Younger Notes theorized a bit on the video that Hanzo’s arrows were manifold projectile in the game that triggers this bug.

This bug may be exploited by the Hanzo who wants to ‘share’ the golden weapon skin just for memes. Fortunately, the golden weapon bug this time is not game breaking like the bugs experienced by previous Overwatch 2 players.

Overwatch 2’s Game Breaking Bugs

Overwatch 2’s journey has been somewhat uneventful since its release and bugs everywhere are one of the main causes. Maybe it could still be forgiven if this bug was just a visual bug that didn’t interfere with the game like the current golden weapon bug. However, it’s a different story when the bug is game breaking and undermining the competitive landscape which is the main selling point of Overwatch 2.

First, Mei was locked for about two weeks by Activision Blizzard so she couldn’t be played due to a bug, then there was the problem with Kiriko’s hitbox bug where she could block a headshot just by looking down.

After that, there was a bug where Sombra could enter the payload by using his translocator. Lastly, the most annoying is the bug where you can’t go up to the next rank and will continue to be stuck at the lowest rank, bronze 5, even though you have won many times.

How? Do you want to try this bug before it’s fixed by Activision Blizzard?

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