Overwatch 2 players from this end to January 19 have finally been given access to the new Battle for Olympus mode. This deathmatch mode with a free-for-all structure allows players to fight each other by utilizing the powers of the gods, goddesses, to iconic creatures from Greek mythology.

Overall Battle for Olympus has brought custom designs to seven heroes who have been granted access to a variety of special Divine powers. Some of them include Poseidon Ramattra, Zeus Junker Queen, Minotaur Reinhardt, Cyclopes Roadhog, Hades Pharah, Medusa Widowmaker, to Hermes Lucio. The skills provided are indeed very broken compared to normal mode, but the developer has maintained the balance to keep it safe while providing a new, more intense playing experience.

In addition, players can anticipate free gifts and new content in the in-game shop. The Battle for Olympus event has prepared special challenges that can be pursued for extra attractive prizes which include a new voice line, play title, and Legendary Winged Victory Mercy skin. Meanwhile, new content in the in-game shop as usual includes various kinds of cosmetics and bundles that can be purchased directly with Overwatch Coin.

Overwatch 2 can be played for free, aka free to play for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Overwatch 2

Publisher: Blizzard

Developer: Blizzard

Release Date TBC

Console, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One

The latest sequel to the competitive shooter game Overwatch that promises a variety of revamps and new content. Some of the main content focuses are a variety of game modes, new story content, new heroes, and much more.

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