Discover the locations of the cubes.

In One Piece Odyssey, when you advance in chapter 2 we will find more cubes to improve the characters. The purpose of these is to get more powerful and effective abilities, in order to more easily defeat more enemies. Nearing the end of Chapter 2, the desert near Alubarna and the city of Alubarna have a large amount of these cubes.

Alubarna Cubes

In One Piece Odyssey when we get to this city for the first time we will find it full of enemies, the easiest way to clear it is to advance the main story. The cubes can be found easily once we have completed the chapter since there will be no enemies in the area.

  • Sanji 1: When entering the city from the desert in One Piece Odyssey, head west, then turn north when you reach the market stalls. There’s a cube next to some of the stalls near the northwest corner of that little section.
  • Usopp 1: Head towards the center of town and move directly west of the save point closest to the center of town. You then need to look for a staircase that leads to an alley that goes north towards a plaza to find the cube.
  • Sanji 2: When you get to the city center in One Piece Odyssey, you’ll come across a building with scaffolding and open-air arches supporting a walkway under the building. There is a bucket under it. It’s a little hard to see thanks to the scaffolding that covers it.
  • Luffy 1 : Look for Yoisa’s travel sign. From there, head south, then turn east to reach an alley. Go through this alley and you will come across a cart. Luffy’s bucket is behind said cart.
  • Robin 1: When you can freely roam the city, head to the mausoleum entrance on the northwest side of the map. You can then find the location of the cube behind the stairs on the left side of the square.

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Desert cubes near Alubarna

In the desert area near Alubarna is the area that connects this city with the rest of the map. So in this way when completing chapter two or before starting it you can go through this area on the way to the missions and collect the cubes that are in it.

  • Chopper 1: In One Piece Odyssey when you go up from the entrance to the desert from the Great Sandy Desert, head west. Continue walking, keeping Luffy towards the north edge of the area. You will see a cube on the other side of the gap near a formation of stone pillars.
  • Zoro 1 : In One Piece Odyssey we will find a watchtower directly east of the royal army camp in the desert region near Alubarna. You will have to climb up to get to the cube.
  • Usopp 2: Next to the Dugong side quest from One Piece Odyssey next to the central bridge on the desert map Near Alubarna. If you are walking from the army camp across the bridge, then immediately turn left of the bridge and just under it you will find the cube.
  • Luffy 2 : Towards the northwest side of the One Piece Odyssey desert near Alubarna, there is a path you can take to go down to the area of a small chasm. Keep going down, and you can get a cube from a skeleton. You will need Luffy to get it.

So far this One Piece Odyssey guide with more information about the location of cubes in the Alubarna area. For more information, you can always visit our main guide.

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