Find all the bosses.

One Piece Odyssey is an action-adventure RPG. In this game, the Straw Hat Crew find themselves on a new island, stripped of their power after a terrible storm. Each of the characters have unique abilities that they bring to the gameplay. It is a game that features many boss fights. You will have to face some main bosses from the anime story and some new bosses created for the game and here we will show you where to find them.

All the bosses in One Piece Odyssey

Waford Island

One Piece Odyssey has a lot of bosses. So, let’s go through each zone and list all the bosses the game has to offer and the location of these bosses in the game. Waford is the first island you land on at the start of the game. You will return from time to time to fight new bosses as the story progresses. So here are all the bosses found on this island.

Del. Kong Garden King Kong
colossus of fire South Waford Forest
thunder colossus Thunder Ruins
colossus of the wind dusty ruins
Doeisa Garden King Kong
colossus of water ice block ruins
Merchant’s vice Playa sur de Waford
colossus of fire Playa sur de Waford
kaku and lucci Skyscraper
Crocodile and Doflamingo Skyscraper
Akainu, Aokiji y Kizaru Skyscraper
Adios Playa sur de Waford
divine breath Playa sur de Waford


Alabasta is the first leg of this game. This is by far the largest area the game has to offer. However, there aren’t many bosses to fight. But still, you can fight against some of the famous anime characters as truly difficult to defeat bosses.

Smoker and Tashigi Desert near Alubarna
Sr. 2 Bon Clay Alubarna
Alligator Royal Museum of Alubarna

Seven Seas

Water Seven is one of the most impressive areas in anime . And the game doesn’t disappoint in delivering on that promise. Some of the villains from this arc appear as bosses in the game, but you cannot fight all the villains that this arc has to offer according to the anime.

Franky Junker Sewer
Rob Lucci Sewer
which one tower of law
Rob Lucci (Jaguar Form) tower of law


Marineford is one of the most tragic stretches of the One Piece anime. It is essentially a great story of war and great confrontations of different sides. So it’s no surprise that you’ll be up against some of One Piece’s most powerful characters during this section.

Smoker Marineford
Kizaru Marineford
captain tomack Marineford
Kizaru y Aokiji Marineford

Dressrosa’s Bow
Dressrosa is the end zone of the game and one of the most unforgettable sections of the anime. But the game doesn’t do this one justice as you only get to play the last part of this great story, leaving out some of the best moments. However, it still offers some good boss fights for you to play through.

Deputy Dressrosa City Area
Hakuba New Royal Plateau: Down
Deputy New Royal Plateau: Up
Pica New Royal Plateau: Up
Clone of Doflamingo New Royal Plateau: Up
Doflamingo New Royal Plateau: Up

So far this One Piece Odyssey guide with the necessary information to be able to find and defeat all the bosses that we will find in our adventure. For more information , you can always visit our main guide.

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