Saving Nami is one of the first missions that we must carry out within One Piece Odyssey. Here we explain how to rescue him.

One Piece Odyssey is the new installment of the One Piece saga. During this new title, developed by ILCA and distributed by Bandai Namco Games, we will have the opportunity to control all the members of the crew. However, unlike other games in the saga, One Piece Odyssey comes with a renewed graphics engine and a totally original story to discover.

Among all the missions that we will carry out during the title, players will be able to face various bosses around the island, and save different members of the crew, among other fun missions. In this guide entry, we will specifically explain how to rescue Nami from the “Del Kong” boss within One Piece Odyssey, one of the first missions you will encounter in the game.

How to rescue Nami in One Piece Odyssey

During the start of the game, a couple of the Straw Hat crew will be separated from the rest of the crew, including Nami, who will end up being held hostage by a gorilla named “Del Kong”. Therefore, to save him from her, players will have to reach her by following the path that has a red exclamation point.

During the way to Nami, you will be able to fight against different kinds of monsters and find some useful items and materials by breaking the boxes and pots. Once you reach Nami, Zoro will also help you, so you will fight together against Del Kong to free Nami and complete the mission of rescuing Nami.

However, perhaps the most difficult step to rescue Nami in One Piece Odyssey is defeating the boss “Del Kong”, the large gorilla that is holding her hostage. Therefore, from Quick Save we have created a step-by-step guide that will help you beat “Del Kong” without problems.

Well, if you have come this far, we are completely sure that you will be able to save Nami from the “Del Kong” gorilla without problems.

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