Trends from Non Fungible Token or NFT are decreasing day by day if we look at them in terms of their popularity. Coupled with the era of crypto currency which seems to be stuck progress makes the era of the ‘future of art’ increasingly lost its name.

But that doesn’t stop some people from continuing to experiment with NFT. then there is a new NFT called Oldeus which has caught the attention of netizens not because of its uniqueness, but because of the plagiarism of its content with the anime Arknights.

An NFT Project called Oldeus recently announced their newest NFT with a Twitter trailer that caught the attention of Arknights fans. In the tweet, they uploaded a short 21-second animated trailer which is very similar to the Arknights guard Amiya animation. The short video made many Arknights fans emotional and called Oldeus plagiarism.

Oldeus team's response. 

Oldeus team’s response.

Responding to this, Oldeus claims that all content in the video is original complete with its WIP file and ‘inspired by Arknights‘ to mention that the animation team working on Oldeus’ promotional video are the same animators working on the Arknights anime. They also added that they are currently talking with Hypergyrph to resolve this issue.

Although Oldeus has quite strong proof with the originality of their NFT project. At first glance, the promotional video looks very similar to Amiya’s animation from Arknights. Like the movements, skill arts, to the very exact POV positions. It’s just that the animation sequence is changed. What do you think, is this just a coincidence or a form of plagiarism?

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