Video game anime adaptations are gradually becoming a moderately successful practice in the Japanese animation industry. After the success of Castlevania and especially Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, many studios are already thinking of an animated version of their games.

This time it has been the public of Japan who, through the Anime! Anime! They have decided which video games they would like to see adapted to this genre. Nintendo obviously leads this list, but there are several surprises that you may not expect.

Splatoon Nintendo
Xenoblade Monolith Soft
Zelda: Breath of the Wild Nintendo
Undertale Toby Fox
Fire Emblem: Three Houses Intelligent Systems
Animal Crossing Nintendo
Kingdom Hearts Square Enix
Minecraft Mojang
Jack Jeanne Broccoli
Buddy Mission Bond Ruby Party

The podium is taken by street Nintendo, with Splatoon as the main game that the Japanese want to see adapted, followed by Xenoblade and Zelda: Breath of The Wild. They are three very different works from each other, since we have a multiplayer shooter about throwing paint, an RPG full of life and an exciting story, and a unique and unrepeatable open world.

What is surprising is the appearance of indie games on this list, with Undertale being the fourth option for the Japanese to see it animated in all its splendor. Of course, the only thing we ask in this adaptation (if it comes true at some point) is that the music from the original game be untouchable.

Also noteworthy is the appearance of two games that have not yet officially arrived in the West but have turned out to be a real bomb in Japan: Jack Jeanne, an opera simulator created by the Tokyo Ghoul mangaka, and Buddy Mission Bond, an adventure graphic with characters designed by Yusuke Murata, cartoonist of One Punch Man

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