Dominating the PC gaming scene, Nvidia continues to innovate to contribute hardware with DLSS technology. Now, and as rumored, Nvidia would make the chip of its new graphics controllers work with an AI that increases performance by 30%.

It is difficult to really establish how much an AI can learn to increase the performance of a processor today, especially since it is something that is being experimented with and can imply a big change in the construction of mid-range hardware with medium power requirements. Or this is what is rumored from CapFrameX (through OC3D) who work analyzing these tools, suppose a 30% increase in performance.

The forefront of technology, a great step to continue with the dominance of the market

It is pretentious to think that Nvidia completely dominates the market, but it is clear to say that they are the vanguard in many things that we take for granted today. In this way, and if CapFrameX’s assumptions are correct, this technology would have great benefits for the reputation of the AI within these processes. According to the rumor, this would be available for the beginning of this year, with little time left for us to know if this is true or not.

What is clear is that this tool could be a big step in the market for Nvidia, not only because of its novelty, but also because its adaptability to all kinds of GPUs would be available to everyone. For example, we can dream of a 30% boosted RTX 4090, which is not only an impressive improvement, but would be the best strategy to sell this series of cards.

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