Nokia Lumia 925

Hello Readers, today we are going to talk about this legendary smartphone from 2013; Nokia Lumia 925. Honestly speaking, it received so much hate in those times due to its windows operating system, but it had one of the most intelligent camera modules.

We used this phone for 15 days straight; this is what we have found so far:


Starting from the design, the in-hand feel of this phone is so different; it feels like a passport, and it feels so light and solid at the same time. The back panel is made of plastic, while the frame is made of aluminum, although this combination is still seen in smartphones today. Nokia was known for its durability, and this smartphone was no exception.

One thing we must say is that this phone is very comfortable to use, it has a very different form factor. The exciting part is that we can control the volume rockers and the power button using one hand. Another cool part is the presence of the camera shutter button, just like we see in Sony Xperia phones. This means if you press it once, it launches the Camera, and if you half-press it, it sets the focus on the desired object and pressing it fully captures the photograph. Wish modern smartphones, apart from Xperia phones, also give this button.


If we look at the bottom of the phone, we don’t find any speaker port; it is clean and empty; this is because Nokia used to give the speaker to the phone’s back panel. So, we tested the speaker, and it seemed pretty loud to us; however, if we keep the phone on a flat surface, it gives an echoic effect, which sounds pretty good, so we have nothing to complain about the backside speaker.

On the phone’s top side, we find the sim tray, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a micro-USB port. But here also we find a special touch when you put the sim ejector tool on that sim tray, the sim tray doesn’t come out at whole; it only comes halfway, making way to place or remove the SIM card, so you will never have to worry about your SIM tray getting lost.


Looking at the screen, we get a 4.5 inches AMOLED screen. Don’t be shocked; AMOLED Displays were available on many phones then. In 2013, Samsung launched its Galaxy S4; that phone also had an AMOLED Display clocked at 1080P; however, the Lumia 925 has only a 720P Display. We took the phone outside under bright sunlight and found that the outdoor visibility of its Display is excellent, and the colors it produces are pretty vibrant.


Now coming to the software, the phone comes with the Windows 8 OS. Now the problem is you don’t get any apps here; it gets incredibly frustrating when you want to open YouTube, and there is no YouTube app inside the phone. But, keeping aside the app issue, the UI experience is pretty fluid here; the transition and animation we get while switching between programs look so neat and fresh.

It must be remembered that no one liked Windows OS in smartphones; hence Microsoft itself killed that OS in 2019.


Talking about the performance, the Nokia Lumia 925 has only 1GB of RAM, which works pretty smoothly; the reason? Well, the phone doesn’t have apps like we already told you; hence only 1GB of RAM is enough to use this phone.


Let’s move to the most fantastic part of this phone; its Camera! Nokia Lumia phones were known for their Cameras, Nokia used to have industry-leading image processing, and this phone was no exception. The Nokia Lumia 925 boasts an 8.7 MP Camera, and the camera module is produced in collaboration with ZEISS. The phone does a fantastic job in image processing; however, in 2013, the HDR concept was new, so the Lumia 925 fails to manage harsh background lights.

But, we have to give a shout-out to Nokia for providing an OIS on this phone. Another great function of this phone is the Custom Portrait Mode. Using an official Nokia App called the ‘Creative Studio,’ you can load your picture and make it a portrait picture with a natural bold background blur. Imagine Portrait Mode in 2013!

So, concluding our blog, we must say that Nokia was ahead of its time when it launched the Lumia 925 smartphone. The only reason Nokia didn’t do well and had to close the Lumia series was the OS! People were not at all interested in a windows smartphone.

What do you think? Would you consider getting them if Nokia re-launches the Lumia Smartphones but with Android OS? Let us know in the comments.

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