Gamers who are two heads old are certainly familiar with the Ninja Saga game. Hearing the name made the writer remember a little of the past when he was still a resident of the cafe. At that time there were not as many medsos users as there are now.

Facebook at that time was only limited to uploading photos and statuses regiment which when we look back, is pretty embarrassing. Not yet influencer or anything that smells livestream on Facebook at that time. Especially reels and his friends.

Fun Facebook Ninja Saga Game Played by Internet Cafe Boys

Ninja Saga
Games that were popular in the 2010s

However, there was one thing that made the experience of playing social media, especially Facebook, very interesting at that time. Of course, is the presence of Flash games embedded in the social networking giant Facebook. However, Ninja Saga was also present on MySpace and Orkut.

One of the Facebook games that was quite popular at that time was Ninja Saga. Compete with Farmville, Pet Society, Criminal Case, 8 Ball Pool and a number of other games. Ninja Saga is a game turnbased based on Flash which takes the theme, yes you can guess, Naruto aka ninja.

Very Popular in Indonesia

Ninja Saga
Many children play it and become a subscription game in internet cafes

Presented by Emagist Entertainment Limited, a game company from Hong Kong in 2009. This game is even popular in Indonesia with quite a large number of players. The popularity of the Naruto anime series may be one of the reasons why Naruto-related games are always popular in Indonesia.

Ninja Saga was one of the reasons why at that time young children had Facebook accounts. They don’t understand what digital socialization is. Because for them, the most fun socialization is when they are at school or when it’s time to play. That’s why internet cafes are full of kids playing Ninja Saga. It was only when more interesting games came along, like Point Blank.

Slowly the number of players decreased. Leaving players who are loyal and true lovers of the Naruto series who still play this game. Not surprisingly, this game can last more than 10 years and become one of the games that is quite old before it finally closes.

Gameplay in Ninja Saga is simple but addicting

Ninja Saga
The turn-based gameplay looks easy, but it takes a long time to grind for the character to become

The game itself is quite simple. You only need to raise your character’s status and assemble a team that can be brought against the enemy. Various unique moves and animations also enliven it and players can enter several characters, each of which has different elements such as fire, water, earth, lightning and wind.

Not infrequently this game also triggers commotion between kids in internet cafes because they compete with each other which character is stronger. That’s right, this game also provides a pvp mode where you can pit your ninja character’s power against each other. This competition triggers players’ enthusiasm to strengthen their characters again if they lose.

Can You Still Download Ninja Saga Now?

Ninja Saga
Is there still a new Ninja Saga game?

It’s a shame if you’re looking for the original game, all servers official has been closed by Emagist Entertainment Limited and you can only play imitation games.

The Ninja Saga game leaves a legacy of friendly gaming for Indonesian players. Ninja Saga is a gateway for children to get to know more exciting games. Those of us who are now grown up will certainly remember those times when playing together and having fun together was something we looked forward to every day.

On Looking for Games Similar to Ninja Saga Post Close

Ninja Saga
Ninja Sage is a server made by Indonesians after the closing of this legendary game

After closing, many players are addicted and try other versions of Ninja Saga. Several games similar to Ninja Saga, such as Ninja Sage and Ninja Legends, are also here to enliven the Naruto-themed browser game scene. It’s a shame that the latest Ninja Saga game has to be buried along with the original game which ended on January 1, 2021.

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