The mayor of New York, Eric Adams, said Monday that people who wear masks should enter stores and supermarkets without them, and not put them back on until they are inside, in order to prevent more robberies in the city.

“Some of these people who enter stores wearing masks are not doing it because they are afraid of the pandemic: they are doing it because they are afraid of the police,” Adams said in an interview on PIX11 channel, asked about the increase in shoplifting and thefts in commercial premises.

The mayor insisted that it is necessary to prevent “these people from using masks (…) to commit crimes”, avoiding being recognized by private security and police cameras.

In this sense, he insisted that it must be made clear that people “cannot enter with their masks on. Once inside they can put it on.”

“So if someone comes into my store and I tell them to please take their mask off when they come in and they’re not willing to do it, well, I’m going to be a little concerned. I’m going to act differently. That’s all we’re trying to do, empower store owners,” he said.

Adams made reference to the murder of a clerk at a small New York store this weekend, which was allegedly committed by a man wearing a protective suit and mask.

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