Temperature control, hearing health and Type-C charger: the new features of the next AirPods Pro

Apple’s earbuds would be introduced during September 2023

New features would be launched soon during the year 2023 for the new generation of Apple AirPods, because in addition to having functions dedicated to improving sound quality, they would also include others related to hearing health, general health of users and even some physical modifications such as the type of cable needed to recharge the battery of the devices.

AirPods Pro 2

AirPods Pro 2

New charger for hearing aids

According to Mark Gurman, journalist and Apple expert, the company would be thinking of introducing a new charger for the AirPod that will have a USB type C input, so it will be in line with the European Union, which wants all electronic devices to use the same input in order to reduce electronic waste product of cables of all kinds that are used for different purposes.

However these would not reach all models of AirPods Pro, but would be considering the manufacture of cheaper models. This is reminiscent of the same strategy with which the iPhone 14 was introduced: the Type-C charger was included in the Pro and Pro Max models as a premium feature while the Lightning cable was kept in the regular versions.

Hearing health.

Apple has intended since 2014 to bring health-related features to the AirPod just as they do with the Apple Watch and iPhone. A patent from that year and 2016 pointed to the development of a chip that supported monitoring the health status of the auditory system. Part of the data it would collect would be temperature, pulse, perspiration levels, among others.

Almost 10 years later, it is likely that these functions will arrive in the new model of Apple’s hearing aids, which will also have a function to test how much a person can hear and monitor this capacity to detect early any inconvenience of this type.

This would not be the only new feature of the new AirPod model, since it introduced the previous version in September 2022, Apple announced some functions to improve hearing such as “Conversation Boost” and “Live Listen”.

Despite the fact that these features are already present in the headphones, Apple still cannot sell these products as assistive hearing aids for people with partial hearing impairment due to lack of approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. Even so, Gurman says that specialists in the manufacture of assistive hearing aids have been integrated into this project.

Linking with Apple Vision Pro

With the unveiling of the new Vision Pro mixed reality glasses, it would not be surprising if the AirPods could establish a tie-in with this new member of Apple’s ecosystem. While the glasses already have an integrated sound system, this is external and would not be as effective in deepening the immersive experiences the company intends to introduce as part of the visors’ features.

Part of the new features that these new headphones could also have would include a button to mute the user during a call in addition to a special feature that allows switching between audio cancellation mode and transparency mode.

Although Gurman has stated that these new features would arrive this year for the new AirPods model, these do not have a confirmed date. The closest Apple event would be the unveiling of the new iPhone 15 in September 2023, so more new features could be announced during that unveiling.

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