Necropsy is the study performed on a corpse in order to investigate and determine the causes of death, usually the term used as a synonym of autopsy, since in both cases the study of corpses is performed, however, it can be noted that the necropsy is used in the area of criminalistics more than in any other branch of the investigation since the necropsy includes everything related to the place of the event, everything concerning the evidence and tools that were used to perform the murder and its subsequent removal from the place.

The necropsy may also include the dissection of the body, since in some cases it is not possible to see at first sight the reasons why the event took place. The etymology of the word indicates that it comes from the combination of Greek “Nekros” meaning “corpse” and “Opsis” referring to “observe”, however, this gives us to understand that the necropsy, besides being a visualization process, is also a complete analysis in which research parameters are established so that the scene is always kept clean, just as it was from the moment of the death of the person. The causes of a death can be sufficiently clarified with the environment in which the body is found, the search for clues, DNA and any evidence that leads to the materialization of the crime can lead to much more than a simple scene, in the necropsy all kinds of samples, photos, and objects are taken as evidence in order to analyze the necropsy more elaborately.

Regarding necropsies we also find an interesting topic, there are cultures, religions or focuses of society that prevent the dissection of corpses, considering it an offense to any deity they praise. There are societies with extreme beliefs that support rituals for the dead so that the authorities in certain cases respect this and prevent a necropsy from being performed, however, in cases of public safety, these customs must be suppressed by the measures that must be executed for the good of all. This opens a chapter of clash between cultures really extensive.

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