For you MMORPG fans, you must be familiar with NCSoft. This South Korean company is arguably one of the giants in the MMORPG world thanks to its games Guild Wars and Lineage. After previously rumors they were working on Horizon world-based MMORPG, NCSoft actually had their old project Throne and Liberty. Announced in 2011 then with the title Lineage Eternal then changed its name. NCSoft announced that Throne and Liberty will be released in 2023!

Through the Director’s Preview trailer for Throne and Liberty, NCSoft announced the game is ready for release between January and July 2023. The game is planned to be released on the PlayStation 5 platform and Windows PC. This game is touted as a flagship from NCSoft and is predicted to be one of the biggest games for 2023, at least for the MMO community. Apart from the release information, the staff also talked about the game mechanics.

Throne and Liberty or abbreviated as TL itself was once called a magical game, like Blue Protocol. Moreover, he is also the only big name in the MMORPG world, unlike Blue Protocol, where even non-MMO players know the game. TL encountered various hurdles and revisions during development especially the 2016 beta test session.

As mentioned above, Throne and Liberty is slated for release in 2023 for the PlayStation 5 and Windows platforms. Touted as the biggest MMORPG for 2023, the game does look like an ambitious project from NCSoft.

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