Kim Kardashian and Argentine singer Nathy Peluso are both known for their daring fashion sense and love of micro bikinis. However, in her latest Instagram post, Peluso takes the crown for the tiniest and most audacious micro bikini. Her black two-piece set features a triangular bra with thin straps that leaves many areas of skin exposed, while the loincloth-shaped and very low-cut panties barely cover her crotch. With her natural face and short, disheveled hair, Peluso’s look exudes confidence and fearlessness.

Nathy Peluso

Kim Kardashian, who has also shown a preference for XXS swimsuits, recently shared a photo on Instagram of herself in a black two-piece set. Her bikini features a triangular bra and high-waisted, colaless panties, which are also very small. She completed her look with striking makeup, including brown shadows, black eyeliner, matching mascara, pink blush, and bronzer, as well as a brown lipstick with gloss. Kardashian also added trendy accessories such as a bodychain and super opaque XXL sunglasses.

In the end, while both women are known for their love of micro bikinis, Peluso’s latest look definitely outshines Kardashian’s. With her bold and audacious style, Peluso proves that she is up for anything when it comes to fashion.

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