MrBeast T-Series – A few months ago, the popular Youtube creator named MrBeast had more subscribers than PewDiePie. Now with the increasing number of subscribers, it is revealed that MrBeast wants to beat T-Series subscribers for PewDiePie.

Is that right? Come on, let’s find out together!

For the sake of PewDiePie, MrBeast Wants to Beat T-Series Subscribers

MrBeast managed to compete with Subscriber PewDiePie

MrBeast managed to compete with Subscriber PewDiePie

Do you still remember the 2 YouTube channel competition between PewDiePie and T-Series in 2019? This competition shocked many people, especially the loyal viewers of these two Youtube channels.

PewDiePie’s competition with this channel from India has received a lot of support from its fans and also fellow Youtube content creators, such as Markplier and Jacksepticeye. But in the end, because this competition was considered too much, PewDiePie finally asked his fans to stop the campaign to increase his subscriber channel. In the end, T-Series managed to outperform Subscriber PewDiePie even today.

With the achievements achieved by MrBeast successfully outperforming Subscribers from the PewDiePie channel, recently the YouTube content creator wants to beat T-Series’ Subscribers. This he said in a comment from tweet on his Twitter account.


An account user named @XEROGRAVITY asked a simple question in one of MrBeast’s posts. @XEROGRAVITY asks if the Youtube content creator who managed to have more subscribers than PewDiePie can beat T-Series subscribers. MrBeast also replied to this comment with a yes answer. Even he would go easy on PewDiePie.

You can see his statement below.

“You think you can wait for the T-Series?”
“Easy. I will avenge Poods”

Response from Fans

MrBeast Wants to Beat T-Series Subscribers
New chapter beat Subscriber T-Series?

While it may sound like MrBeast’s high spirits to avenge PewDiePie defeating T-Series, it turns out that the response has received mixed reviews from fans. Some say that the utterance of the word “revenge” from him was considered too much. There are also those who say MrBeast is better off doing what he usually does with his content rather than having to focus too much on outperforming T-Series subscribers.

Here are some reactions from fans regarding MrBeast wanting to beat Subscriber T-Series:

I don’t think there is anything to reply here. The T-Series do what they do and you do what they do with an excellent job which is appreciated by many. Please visit India when you can beat T-Series for sure easily.
I’m not sure you can beat T-Series and don’t even try to challenge as many Indians are rooting for you. If we Unsubscribed you, then your channel will crash and 2023 will be your worst tofu in person, lol.

That’s information about MrBeast wanting to beat Subscriber T-Series to avenge PewDiePie. Is MrBeast really going to do it? Let’s just wait for further information from this popular YouTube content creator.

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