The 5 Most Expensive Nintendo 64 PAL Games

Nintendo is one of the few video game companies that, with marked exceptions, everything they touch, both video games and consoles, automatically becomes gold. And the machine we are going to talk about had a really complicated mission: to succeed the mythical Super Nintendo and beat all its opponents that, in those years, increased to two: SEGA with Saturn and Sony with the first PlayStation.

Nintendo 64 was responsible for bringing the company and its titles to the third dimension, as well as putting Nintendo at the forefront of innovation in this aspect, thanks to a gamepad that had an element that now seems normal to us to be present, but in 1996 was a complete unknown. Indeed, we are talking about the analog stick. Thanks to this invention, 3D games became much more manageable.

Nintendo reaches the third dimension

So if you are one of those who had a Nintendo 64 and want to get all the cartridges that were sold in Spain or Europe (PAL), here we leave you the names of those that will cost you more money, with some amounts that seem exorbitant but in some cases, even exceed this estimate that we bring you. So come on, let’s see which are the five most expensive of all…

5. Hercules

Adapting TV series to the videogame format is a practice that has been done since the beginning of the medium. In this case, this title that was inspired by Hercules, one of the most legendary action and adventure series of the 90s, ended up being a game to distract you for a couple of hours. Nothing more and nothing less. To add it to your collection you will need 1,445 dollars.

4. Rush 2049

This racing game didn’t have any major flaw that made it unplayable and that’s why it’s so highly valued, but it simply passed without glory, which makes it extremely attractive for collectors. In case you want to add it to your collection of Nintendo 64 games you will have to pay the figure of 1,549 dollars.

3. Mario Golf

Is there anything the Nintendo plumber hasn’t done? Racing, Olympic Games, soccer, tennis and even being a doctor. However, an experiment that didn’t go too well was to put Mario and company to play golf, a sport that, to be honest, bores many. To get your hands on this little gem you will pay 1,567.43 dollars.

2. Starcraft 64

Undoubtedly one of the space franchises par excellence in video games, they had the idea of remaking their first title but this time in a kind of questionable 3D and launch it in 2000 for the Nintendo 64. As the remakes at that time were not so popular, having one of these so old is a candy for collectors, who come to pay up to $ 4,853.

1. Snowboard Kids 2

Snowboarding games have never exactly been popular, which makes any that come out immediately sought after by experts, lest they turn into a grail. This sequel to Snowboard Kids took snowboarding through different scenarios as if it were a multiverse. If the cover caught your eye, you now have a reward valued at an impressive $8,095.

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