The classic Mortal Kombat, the ones born in arcades, are full of secrets. The fatalities themselves, the lethal shots, were part of the experience and some have even taken decades to appear. 30 years after its debut, there was still a lot of content to discover.

Everything stems from the recent leak of the Mortal Kombat II source code, which allowed the curious and fans of the saga to take a broad look at all the material that was cut, buried and unused from the final version of the game. Very juicy elements, indeed: new hits, all-original special moves, and all-new fatalities.

From here we must start from something essential: one of the distinctive elements of the original Mortal Kombat trilogy was that it used digitized images of actors. Once the poses were captured, they were edited for convenience to shape blows or special techniques.

Logically, some of these animations were left out of the final version for memory reasons or because they broke the balance of the game. For reasons of explicit violence, we know on good authority that it is not.

Some of these unpublished movements, in fact, were reused to shape Mortal Kombat Trilogy without the original quality of the recreational versions. Others never appeared or arrived in much later installments. However, thanks to the work and dedication of the fans, these loose pieces of Mortal Kombat II that did not fit the puzzle have been recovered.

New animations and never-before-seen fatalities

Thanks to Pegasus Kid’s Twitter account (@annoyingdog322) much of this unpublished material has been recovered. And the truth is that, as you will see, there is a lot and everything.

At the outset, we find a color variant of Scorpion with bluish skin, like Avatar. If it is about Scorpion, of course.

In a matter of new movements we have some very interesting ones. From aerial techniques to movements for Jax or Reptile, new blows and combos for practically everyone and a kind of protective ice barrier executed by Sub-Zero. As well as a nice assortment of in-between animations that disappeared.

But the nicest thing is the appearance of new fatalities or animations that were left unanswered. From our finishing moves and animations for Johnny Cage and Kitana to a kind of super punch that fell from the sky in the form of a Shao Khan colossus.

If you are curious to see all the content at once, you can see a complete review in the video on the ermaccer channel. In addition, the files have been uploaded to Mega from the channel itself.

Have all the secrets of Mortal Kombat II been revealed? If we are honest with you, and seen what has been seen, we dare to doubt it.

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