After arriving a few weeks ago with a little more than thirty episodes, this narrative gem ‘Monster Anime’ is now with all its episodes.

If there is something that can not be denied to Netflix, it is that it is knowing perfectly which old anime to incorporate into its catalog. This is a reality: many relatively classic anime IPs are either unlocalized in USA or only available through physical editions, a ‘premium’ content that not too many people opt for nowadays. That’s why having things like “Hajime no Ippo”, “Inuyasha” or now “Monster” in full, seems to me a total success.

And indeed, today it’s time to celebrate that the anime “Monster” is already in full in the Netflix catalog. If you want to watch the anime of Monster, it is now as simple as accessing through this link that will take you to its Netflix tab.

Why should you watch Monster if you haven’t already? Well, because it is one of the best suspense productions created in the history of the medium, a genre that perhaps does not have as much representation as others. Thus, in high density platforms such as MyAnimeList, the Monster anime has an 8.85 rating. The same 8.8 is the note that one can also find on AniList, another portal of great renown among anime users.

And in case you want to have an idea about what the story of Monster is about, I leave you below with the official description of the manga by Norma: “Dr. Tenma gets into the adventure of his life after saving the life of Johan, a boy who arrived at his hospital with a gunshot wound to the head at the worst possible moment. This triggers a whole series of events that will lead Dr. Tenma to travel the world as he discovers the secret behind Johan.”

And now you know: if you have some time left to watch certain things, keep “Monster” among your top choices. Just keep in mind that with 74 episodes in total this is not going to be a ‘cakewalk’, so organize yourselves well but always with the security of knowing that the time invested will be worth it.

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