It was rumored that it had received a soft launch in several specific countries in August last year, finally the mobile game Avatar: Generations has been showcased again with more new details. Crystal Dynamics Eidos Entertainment and Paramount Consumer Products this time have shared new updates through the first gameplay trailer to the opening of pre-registration for the Android and iOS platforms.

Depending on how many players have pre-registered, when the game releases there will be various attractive prizes that can be claimed, including the iconic companion Appa and the exclusive hero Avatar Aang to strengthen your initial squad. As usual, pre-registration can also help you to get the earliest notification when the game is available for preload or release.

As for the concept itself, Avatar: Generations will take players on the epic adventure of Aang and his friends in the conflict against an invading Fire Nation. As can be seen from the appearance of the trailer above, the gameplay that is carried is tactical/turn-based RPG. In order to ensure a more polished quality, the development process is assisted by the Navigator Games studio which will also assist in the expansion for the stories of Avatar Kyoshi, Korra, Roku, and other timelines.

Avatar: Generations is now available for pre-registration via the App Store and Google Play Store, with a planned release slated for early 2023. You can monitor all the latest developments regarding the game through their official website.

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