The mobile arsenal comes to GTA Online and it is that it contains some of the best weapons in the game. This is all you need about it.

Despite the fact that many eyes are on anything new about GTA 6, Rockstar Games continues to bring us a lot of updates both weekly and monthly to GTA Online.

Over the festive season, the developer released the big Los Santos Drugs Wars update that brings a new business in Form Me Acid Lab, new vehicles, and a ton of new jobs.

As with every major update, Rockstar has included a new mechanic to provide you with weapons if you don’t have an Ammo-Nation nearby while playing around the massive Los Santos map.

Everything about the mobile arsenal that is included in GTA Online

Location and location of the mobile arsenal in GTA Online

The GTA Online mobile arsenal has a fairly easy concept to understand.

Some of the best weapons that we could previously buy in Ammu-Nation will now be available in the mobile arsenal and will appear in different places in Los Santos. Unlike Little Jacob from GTA 4, this is not a service that we call and it arrives at our location. Here we have to go ourselves to be able to buy what we want.

However, we know its location. As of January 26, it is located near El Burro Heights.

El Burro Heights

What does the mobile arsenal offer us?

As we’ve already said, the Gun Van houses some of the best weapons in GTA Online, including the new Railgun.
However, don’t expect a discount. Guns are still expensive. The weapons that you will have available are the following:

  • Knife
  • Baseball bat
  • assault shotgun
  • SMG
  • Assault rifle
  • Compact EMP Launcher
  • combat shotgun
  • rail gun
  • RPG
  • heavy sniper
  • Molotov
  • proximity mine
  • Grenade
  • Armor

This new vendor could arrive as a new mechanic to balance the way you get certain weapons. However, everything seems that we will have to wait to see what finally happens.

If there is any important change within the mobile arsenal we will update the news. Feel free to come back to see if there have been any changes!

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