On Wednesday, authorities announced the discovery of the body of 80-year-old American tourist, Wilmer Trivett, in a clandestine grave on Mexico’s northwestern Baja California peninsula, over a month after he went missing on February 11.

Discovery of Wilmer Trivett’s Remains

Trivett’s remains were found near the quiet Pacific coast town of Todos Santos, a place he was familiar with and frequently visited. The body was discovered by a trained dog, and two individuals, a man and his sister, have been arrested in connection with the homicide.

Reports suggest that Trivett’s murder was the result of a dispute over a traffic incident. According to Mexican law, the full names of the two individuals arrested were not disclosed, but they have been charged with homicide.

Trivett’s Last Known Whereabouts and Personal Description

The victim was last seen driving his Chevrolet Silverado pick-up truck with his dog, Bones, in the Todos Santos area, where he was known to frequent.

Trivett, a white, blue-eyed man with a slim build, 5’7″ tall, and long gray hair, was wearing blue jeans, a plaid shirt, boots, and a dark-colored cap when he was last seen. Ten days after he went missing, his van was discovered burned to a crisp in a creek near the La Burrera ranch in Todos Santos.

Trivett’s dog, Bones, arrived alone in the backyard of a close friend, Bernett English, on February 14, which prompted the filing of a missing person’s report. Reports suggest that Trivett was from Markleeville, California, near Lake Tahoe, although the Mexican authorities did not specify his place of residence.

Dispute over Traffic Incident Led to Trivett’s Abduction and Murder

De la Rosa, head of the Baja California Sur state attorney general’s office, revealed that Trivett had paid the two individuals arrested the equivalent of about $2,500 for damages and injuries resulting from the traffic accident.

However, the duo apparently thought the amount was insufficient, which led to the victim’s abduction and subsequent murder.

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