Michelle Galván and the tender Megan took over our hearts with the beautiful video session they did next to a Christmas tree

The Mexican journalist Michelle Galván , whom we see in ‘First Impact’, stole our hearts with the tender video session that she starred in with her partner, and her beautiful daughter, on the occasion of next Christmas .

Although it was not exactly a decoration session that she put in her house, the celebrity, little Megan and chef Fer showed us what Christmas looks like at Redland Cottage , a Florida state house dating from 1925 and which is very crowded on these dates.

Michelle Galván ready for Christmas

“✨The best is already happening!🔔🎄 #welcomedecember”, reads the text with which the celebrity accompanied her video.

Thanks to its material, we could see that the tree, which was placed next to a large window, is not the traditional green color, but white, while its decorations are also far from traditional.

Although Michelle Galván, nor her family participated in the decoration of that tree, Megan did not mind that and wanted to put her own touch on the beautiful decoration.

In addition to the main house, the garden house was also decorated with ribbons and bows in shades similar to those on the Christmas tree.

How Michelle Galván’s house for Christmas?

Little Megan’s mother had, like other celebrities, the advice of an expert in the field, with the difference that her help was virtual, so she did not break the tradition of putting the tree in the family and boy did she It was a moment full of tenderness, although, in the end, she ended up doing the job by herself.

“We are ready for Christmas 🎅, what do you think of our 🎄? ❄️ We received virtual advice from my friend Maria and some of her helpers had a great time dancing! 😂 ”, Michelle wrote in the video that she shared on her Instagram account and that she set to Tchaikovsky’s ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’.

From what we could see in the video, in addition to her cute daughter dancing with her daddy in the foreground, her tree is artificial and pretends to be snowy.

She decorated it with warm lights, as well as pink, green, and gold elements. Among its ornaments stood out the spheres, the ribbons, the tin soldiers, the Christmas villages, the bells, the crowns, the little trains, the little horses, the bears, the vases, the flowers and even a beautiful ballet dancer in the most high.

On one side of her tree she put another one made of wood, which includes a sentence in English that will surely make more than one reflect.

“It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And she puzzled and puzzled ’till her puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something she hadn’t before. What if Christmas she thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more”. Shocking, right?

He also showed us the decoration of her living room, in which she already put some beautiful cushions with the theme of the season, as well as a Santa Claus with a white outfit on her side table. The traditional Christmas boots could not be missing either.

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