Even though the prestige of the Metal Gear Solid series itself has dimmed since Hideo Kojima is no longer in charge of its development, Konami as the owner of the IP doesn’t seem to give up on continuing to present something new since the birth of the franchise in 1987. And fans seem to be able to expect something new in 2023.

Famitsu Magazine through its year-end special issue lists “keywords” and “ambitions” of various Japanese developers for 2023. Noriaki Okamura as the producer of the Metal Gear Solid series himself was one of those present representing Konami, where he said there would be some announcements in this new year.

It is not yet clear what announcement is meant, but Noriaki also emphasizes the keyword “long-awaited.” Even though he is indeed the producer of Metal Gear Solid, it is also possible that this announcement represents Konami as a whole, so it is possible other franchises  such as Silent Hill, Castlevania, and even the new Suikoden can also be candidates to be announced in 2023.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
Metal Gear Solid

The vacancy of the game Metal Gear Solid, which has been almost five years, certainly leaves the question of how the legend of Snake the Big Boss will continue. Fans are certainly hoping for a new Metal Gear Solid game, however remake from some of the old games, it is sure to be an alternative that is quite anticipated.

So, what do you think about this crime? Are you one of those looking forward to the new Metal Gear Solid game? Come on, share your opinion in the comments column.

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