The Marvel Snap update for January 4th is now available, and it brings some great new things to the game. Here’s the full rundown of the latest patch notes.

With Marvel Snap now available worldwide, thousands of players have snapped for the first time. Seeking to keep newcomers hooked for the long haul, Second Dinner’s developers have been rolling out new updates quickly and plentifully.

The latest patch just arrived on January 4th, implementing a wide range of bug fixes along with a small batch of card changes and new content.

So before you jump back in and start earning zones, be sure to check out the full Marvel Snap patch notes below.

Marvel Snap Patch Notes – January 4

Patch notes have leaked, no official notes yet. Here we collect the main changes.


  • New Feature: Artist Credits! You can now view the illustrator information by clicking on the variant name on the card!
  • Automatically filter your favorite variants when editing your deck in Collection View.
  • Now, if the section where multiple cards activate each other is too long, the time it takes to complete the loop is automatically increased.
  • Example, Wong-Onslaught-Mystique-Ironheart!
  • Fixed Orka issue, added to Pool 4.
  • For new players who want to get started right away, we’re releasing a ‘Pro Bundle’ available for a one-time purchase only. Includes 12,500
  • credits, plus power-ups to upgrade 8 common cards ad infinitum.
  • The number of Collector’s Tokens received from collecting all Series 3 cards with the Collector’s Treasure will now change. Individual payout tokens are not set to 400 , but instead will be 200-600. However, the token acquisition rate remains the same.

Card Changes

Aero: 5/8 -> 5/7

Developer Comments – Aero’s effectiveness is excellent for both obstruction and control. We previously increased Aero’s stats to where they are now, but since players figured out how to use it, we thought it would be a good idea to lower the power a bit.

Leading : 6/4 -> 6/3

Developer Comments: Many players are picky about Leader’s effectiveness, and the ability to stall play and make it difficult for other 6 cost cards to play has often been an issue. Going to lower the power a bit and see if any more mods are needed later.

New : 1/2 -> 1/1

Developer Comment: Nova’s effect is much stronger than other 1-cost cards, so we didn’t think it was appropriate for Nova to have the average stats of a 1-cost card.

Drax: 4/4

When Revealed: If your opponent played a card in this zone this turn, give it +4 Power. -> 4/5: If your opponent has played a card in this zone this turn, +3 power.

Groot: 3/3 Reveal: If your opponent played a card in this zone this turn, +3 Power. -> 3/4 If your opponent has played a card in this zone this turn, +2 power.

Developer Comments: While you may think Guardians’ effects will create a lot of fun, it can also feel like an all or nothing game. We hope to increase the base stats of Drax and Groot to reduce the risk of playing the cards and increase their appeal.

Hazmat: 2/1 -> 2/2

Developer Comments: We know there are some Hazmat combo decks that seem powerful, but overall Hazmat performance isn’t great. So in this update, we want to bump it up a notch.

Black cat: 3/6 -> 3/7

Developer Comments: Since Black Cat is rarely used, we wanted to increase its appeal by increasing its power.

Nakia: 3/1 -> 3/2

Developer Comments: We think Nakia’s effect is an interesting mechanic, but it currently has a very low success rate. We want to improve it a bit to make it a more attractive option.

Location updates in the Marvel Snap patch

  • Now, if there is a Professor X in Oscorp Tower, the card will not change sides.
  • Decreases the chance of Warrior Falls spawning.
  • Updated text for La Balsa and Vibranium Mines.

Error correction

  • The translation quality of some titles has been improved.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be kicked if there were too many Black Panthers active in a single turn.
  • Fixed an issue where buff effects would not be added to some cards if multiple double effects were triggered at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the store timer to not work correctly when changing the device time.
  • Fixed an issue where some areas, such as Warrior Falls and Gamma Labs, would slow down the game.
  • Powers now display correctly even if Deadpool is destroyed while he is temporarily enabled.
  • Changed the carousel so that the Season Pass does not display as a “Battle Pass”.
  • Fixed an issue where some card textures would appear stretched when upgrading to Uncommon at the end of a match.
  • Upgraded to give energy even when the Time Stone is destroyed.
  • Isla del Silencio’s visual effects no longer break.
  • Title page scrolling now works in the correct direction.
  • Fixed an issue where tutorial progress would get stuck when claiming rewards.
  • Changed the position of the Sort/Filter button on iOS.
  • Pressing the center zone after Attilan is active will no longer show a strange card instead of the zone preview.
  • The search bar is not visible on screens where it should not appear.
  • The Quick Update section will no longer disappear from the store.
  • The buy button no longer disappears after purchasing a variant from the store and upgrading the store.
  • Battle Pass highlights ‘Variant’ text no longer overlaps the card.
  • When starting a match, the end of turn button no longer changes from 1/6 to 0/6 and back to 1/6.
  • Fixed loading bar getting stuck at ~25%.

Marvel Snap also has a nice list of known bugs that their team is working on. Take a look at all this on the official website. For now, this is all in the latest patch of the game. Enjoy the changes and improvements!

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