Maribel Guardia announces she will temporarily retire due to the death of Julián Figueroa

The actress and host suffered the most painful loss of her life with the death of her only son and although she had already returned to work, she recently announced that she will pause her career because she needs time.

Maribel Guardia revealed that she needs some time to rest and heal, four months after the unfortunate death of her son Julián Figueroa on April 9. This during an interview she gave to the show ‘Hoy’, right after finishing her participation in the first season of the talk show ‘Esto Ya Es Personal’.

However, it seems that she will only take a break from her TV show and does not plan to leave the play ‘Lagunilla, Mi Barrio’. “I want to rest a little, have a little time for myself; that I already stopped exercising… you know everything that has happened to me, but life is like that,” she commented in the talk.

In spite of that, she assured that the fact that she had the commitment of the TV program was one of the reasons why she managed to get ahead. “It is very hard when you have such a big loss because the first thing you want is not to get out of bed, not to leave your house, you don’t want to know anything,” he said.

On the other hand, he confirmed that his son’s ashes will remain in his home, as he announced in previous days. “We have to honor the life of my precious son. Thank God, he was a huge gift; he is still my light, he is with me,” she revealed.

She also mentioned that she has not been able to get over the departure of her firstborn and that she still has very difficult days. “I still haven’t landed, every day is to confront it, deal with it and assimilate it, I believe that God will give me strength; he has to give it to me to continue”.

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