In July 2022, the biographical series “María Félix, La Doña” premiered. The life of one of Mexico’s greatest actresses was brought to the small screen by Televisa Univision, led by Carmen Armendáriz and directed by Mafer Suárez, and now you can enjoy it on free-to-air television starting Saturday, April 8, on Canal de las Estrellas.

The series narrates the life of La Doña from her childhood in Sonora, until she achieved international success as an actress and as a muse of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, recounting the most difficult and intimate moments of María Félix.

Cast of “La Doña”

As is customary in biographical series, several actresses portray La Doña throughout her life.

The actresses who play her are Abril Vergara, Ximena Romo, and Sandra Echeverría. Abril will be María Félix as a child; Ximena is La Doña in her youth and when she begins to shine in the world of cinema, as well as a mother, and finally Sandra Echeverría is a mature and established María Félix in the world of entertainment.


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“When I saw myself for the first time on a stage, high above the crowd, I realized that beauty is a concept forged by others. They value you or despise you, elevate you or destroy you,” Ximena Romo wrote on her Instagram account.

Iker Madrid plays Ernesto Alonso, known as the “Señor Telenovela,” and a close friend of María Félix.

Úrsula Pruneda portrays Josefina Güerena, La Doña’s mother, who was married to Bernardo, a military man with a severe character, played by Guillermo García.


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Other actors who participate include Mauricio Salas as the iconic singer Jorge Negrete; Josh Gutiérrez as the renowned actor Pedro Armendáriz, a character who worked alongside Félix; Ximena Ayala as the painter Frida Kahlo, who was very close to La Doña; Diego Rivera also appears on the scene, as he was in love with María Félix and is played by Enoc Leaño.


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Some characters with whom she had enmity also appear. Hand in hand with Ximena Herrera, the actress who portrays Dolores del Río, a well-known rival of María Félix, also appears Rodrigo Magaña as Agustín Lara, who also fell in love with La Doña, and they were a couple from 1945 to 1948, and finally, Ramón Medina portrays El Indio Fernández, with whom Félix worked on many films and became very good friends.

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