Marcela Tinayre was moved to remember Marcos Gastaldi three years after his death

The host of Polémica en el Bar took a few minutes to remember her husband, who passed away in 2020.

In July 2020, when he was 65 years old, Marcos Gastaldi passed away after battling the Parkinson’s disease he had been suffering from. On the third anniversary of that date, his ex-wife Marcela Tinayre paid tribute to him at the beginning of this Wednesday’s broadcast of Polémica en el Bar (América).

Marcela Tinayre

Marcela Tinayre

“Today is July 19, for me it is an extremely special date because it has been three years since my husband, Marcos Gastaldi, died,” began saying the host of the cycle produced by Gustavo Sofovich. “But this morning I said: ‘Let’s reverse the sadness’, because I am really full of friends, who wrote me very nice things”, she added and told that during noon on Wednesday she decided to organize a large lunch in his honor.

“I got together with Marcos’ children, my children, including my granddaughter, because we all love Marcos. And this is the greatest thing he left me: the union, it is an assembled family, the love we have for each other, the respect we have for each other, we call each other. Something that is real, that may seem fake but it is real,” Marcela detailed while a postcard of the reunion was shown on the screen.

“I love all of them very much. And how nice, where is Marcos, who left me all this in life. The truth is that I am very grateful,” she also celebrated, while sending a kiss to Valeria Gastaldi, the banker’s daughter, who is in Miami and could not be physically present at the meeting. “We were all connected with her, it was a very nice lunch. Besides, I went to the restaurant where we always went with Marcos, to the same table where we used to sit”, she added very moved.

The love story of Marcela Tinayre and Marcos Gastaldi began in 1997. It was that year that the first photos of them together appeared, enjoying a romantic stay in the ideal setting of the Patagonian lakes.

Neither for her nor for him it was the first marriage. She had been married to Ignacio Viale, father of her children Juana and Ignacio. He had four children: Camila, Valeria, Marcos and Santiago. But as the song says “love was stronger”. Living together was the next step. When Daniel, Marcela’s adored only brother, died, Marcos accompanied her in her grief. The loyalty between them was beginning to be as strong as their love. They married in 2000 in Miami, a year later Rocco was born.

In 2019 and in an interview with Infobae, Valeria Gastaldi had talked about her father’s illness. “He is going through a hard time. He doesn’t register so much what’s going on either and in that sense it’s better. But sometimes he does register, and it’s hard for everyone,” said the former Bandana.

At the end of that same year, Marcela Tinayre, who was already the businessman’s ex-wife, had also expressed her sadness for the hard situation the family was going through, at a time when Gastaldi was hospitalized in a rehabilitation clinic. “There are days when I am very sad. In the morning I don’t allow myself to cry. Sometimes I do it in the afternoon and my stomach hurts from holding back so much,” she said months before Marcos’ death.

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