Map of Seven Kingdoms Game of Thrones

Map of Seven Kingdoms Game of Thrones

Map of Seven Kingdoms Game of Thrones

What are the Seven Kingdoms?

What are the Seven Kingdoms is a question that many lovers of the saga have asked themselves at one point and have not known how to answer, or have done it wrongly. To answer this question correctly we must take into account that the current political division of Westeros is different from what it was in the past, so much so that, as we saw in the political map of Westeros, there are now ten regions or kingdoms. But it was not like that before.

The Seven Kingdoms are the kingdoms that occupied Westeros before the arrival of Aegon I The Conqueror. You will remember the story of how Aegon conquered the entire continent with the help of Balerion,Vhagar and Meraxes, his three dragons and his sisters. Well, it is those Seven Kingdoms that are referred to in the books when they talk about them.

Seven Kingdoms Game of Thrones

  1. The Northern Kingdom: The kingdom of the Starks, bordered to the north by the Wall.
  2. The Kingdom of the Isles and Rivers: Before Aegon’s arrival, the Ironborn ruled both the Iron Islands and the Riverlands. It was there, at Harrenhal, that Harren the Black, King of the Iron Islands and the Rivers, built the great castle in which he burned to death.
  3. The Kingdom of the Vale: Ruled by the Arryns since ancient times.
  4. The Kingdom of the Rock: Also known as the West, the territory now controlled by the Lannisters.
  5. The Kingdom of the Stormlands: The land of storms and fortresses was controlled by the Storm Kings until the arrival of the Targaryens and more specifically Orys Baratheon.
  6. The Kingdom of the Dominion: The largest of the southern kingdoms is currently controlled by the Tyrells from Highgarden.
  7. The Kingdom of Dorne: The barren lands of Dorne were the only ones that Aegon I Targaryen could not conquer, hence his motto: “Never Bent, Never Broken”.

The current Crown Lands, which are those around King’s Landing, had no fixed government and therefore are not considered another kingdom. And finally, Rocadragon, which as it was already controlled by the Targaryen long before the arrival of Aegon, was not considered as a kingdom of Westeros until they were all conquered and controlled by the same family.

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