Approaching 2023, the Fall anime season 2022 has finally finished. In a way, this Fall Season is the most unique anime season in 2022. When it was first released last October, Mappa loudly promoted Chainsaw Man on a large scale. But gradually, as we know, the anime Bocchi the Rock has succeeded in shifting CSM both in terms of popularity and finances. Many consider the failure of Chainsaw Man to be caused by mismanagement by the director so that a petition emerged for a remake of the anime by a new director.

A Chainsaw Man fan from Japan by the name of Kobenikaa made this an online petition. Title ‘Please remake the Chainsaw Man anime with a new director‘ and has been signed by more than 2000 people from the target of 2500 votes. Kobenikaa also made several reasons why Chainsaw Man should get a remake.

  • The director Ryu Nakama doesn’t understand the Chainsaw Man manga so the anime seems strange and off the mark.
  • The OP is pushing too much Hollywood elements.
  • The BGM as a whole cannot make an interesting impression.
  • Unfunny comedy scenes.
  • The choice of Kikunosuke Toya as Denji did not match the expectations of Nobuhiko Okamoto’s fans because fans thought that Nobuhiko had a voice that perfectly described Denji. He is best known for his role as Katsuki Bakugou of BNHA.

Indeed, all of these things are objective, but it is undeniable that many thingsgila‘ in the anime Chainsaw Man. Starting from a different ending for each episode, MAPPA which 100% funded the production of the anime, failed physical sales, and of course lost to Bocchi the Rock. do you also agree Chainsaw Man deserves a remake with a new director?

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