Shortly before the turn of the year, Amazon Games gave an outlook on the coming year in Lost Ark . Part 1 of the roadmap for 2023 initially covers the period up to April. And players can look forward to a mix of new content. The team has already presented the innovations in detail in the blog . We give you an overview of what awaits you in the MMORPG in the coming months.

Witcher event in January

Right at the beginning there will be a cooperation with The Witcher . As you tackle the various event quests , you’ll encounter several well-known characters from the series. Geralt of Rivia and Ciri are definitely here. In keeping with the event, you will also find cosmetic items related to The Witcher in the shop. The blog sometimes mentions scars for your character, maps, and fortress buildings. Improvements to the guild system and guild PvP are also planned for January.

Anniversary in February

The developers are also preparing for Lost Ark’s birthday party in February. A year has passed since the launch in the West . Among other things, this is celebrated with the Rowen continent , which you will soon be able to enter at item level 1445 . Brand new world quests and events are also on the agenda here. For example, in a PvP activity, your task is to join one of two factions and then go to war for Rowen.

New PvP battles in March

Another highlight for Lost Ark in 2023 is the Tulubik battlefield . A total of 96 players will fight to conquer bases in two teams of 48 participants each. However, there are also secondary objectives that you must take care of. The battles will always take place at certain times of the week. The prerequisite here is faction rank 5 and the achievement of item level 1490 . The third Arkpass will also start in March.

April brings a new class

If you can’t wait for the next advanced class in Lost Ark, you have to wait until April. Then the next heroine in the online role-playing game will be available with the artist . Most notably, her trademarks include the magic brush that she uses to assist team members. Other new additions in April: A difficult mode for Brelshaza and the debut of the Hanumatan Guardian Raid – for all players with item level 1540 .

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