The LOA-On-Winter event for Lost Ark took place in Korea at the weekend and was broadcast around the world via live stream. In the show, which lasted several hours, the developers of Smilegate revealed in detail which content will be produced for the year 2023. Look forward to new classes, raid challenges and a graphic update.

Lost Ark: Planned content for 2023

  • Lost Ark will be expanded with three new classes: the Slayer (a female Berserker), the Soul Eater (an Assassin specialization) and the male Scrapper.
  • Of course there will be a sequel to the main story, plus a new continent.
  • The developers are planning the new equipment system Elixir, for which you should already farm a lot of gold.
  • A new Abyss dungeon is planned.
  • The new Legion raid Thaemine should of course be the hardest so far, have four phases and drive you crazy with the new fake attacks.
  • Two new Guardian Raids are also planned, for the frog-like monster Gargedith and the bat-like Veskal.
  • For the new Kazeros Raid, the developers promise an unusual style and new mechanics.
  • The PvP area is to be expanded to include a MOBA-esque mode and a Battle Royale variant with survival elements.
  • In the course of a graphics update, the developers want to noticeably improve things like lighting, water display and reflections.
  • Otherwise, there will be many small changes, such as an expanded MVP screen, the third awakening ability for all classes, new storage space for raid materials or even faster ship travel.

Note that the European version is still not identical in content to the Korean version that was released significantly earlier. In other words: It is unclear when which of this content will end up on the EU servers. Surely Amazon Games will release a roadmap for the 2023 plans soon.

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