After not being seen playing for a long time, Bigetron finally announced that they officially released Renbo from Bigetron.

Renbo is a talented player who plays on the Bigetron Alpha team with an All-Role position or can play in all positions. But unfortunately during MPL ID Season 10, he was rarely seen. Many fans of Mobile Legends esports ask this question, many of whom miss Renbo’s game with Bigetron Alpha.

But unfortunately we really won’t see Renbo playing on Bigetron Alpha again after the release of the BTR Renbo Farewell announcement from Bigetron Esports.

BTR Renbo Farewell

Renbo has been with Bigetron Alpha since MPL ID Season 6 and once led his team to become runners-up in MPL ID Season 7. He is known as an important figure because he can make a big impact on the team.

Before MPL ID Season 10 started, Renbo had already stated that he would take a break during MPL ID Season 10. Then he said that he would return to play for season 11 after the M4 World Championship. However, it seems that this will not happen after the release of the announcement of Renbo’s separation from Bigetron.

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