Plug In Digital has released the trailer for their newest horror game, Lempo. The video is less than two minutes long, yet it manages to create a terrifying atmosphere similar to the gameplay clip of Amnesia: The Bunker. This game takes reference from Finnish mythology.

Lempo’s First Trailer Has Been Released!

Video trailer of Lempo above is accompanied by a voice that seemed to be making an announcement over the radio. His voice is very similar to Andrew Ryan from Bioshock. Temporary gameplay which is exploration-based is also similar to the game Soma and Amnesia.

The video also provides some exploration footage in a dark and scary area where our character only has a match or a small lamp in hand. There is also a written text “Obelisk activated, you feel refreshed” indicate the player will get safe zone or enable it as checkpoint.

Several comments complained about the lack of combat in this game, but there are also those who praise the creation of a spooky atmosphere that dominates this horror game.

You can get this game later on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. However, it is not certain when it will be released so that it can be enjoyed by players, especially lovers of the horror genre.

Lempo in Finnish Mythology

In Finnish mythology, Lempo is the god of love and fertility. He is the personification of love itself. However, he is not necessarily a good god. His figure is also known as a demon with an erratic nature.

Because he has the form of ‘love‘ itself, and ‘love‘ is something fickle, even dangerous, Lempo can control people and bring them to ruin. This mythical figure is also said to defeat Vainamoinen, a hero in Finnish mythology. Because of this, Lempo is considered a curse by the Finns.

However, developer games usually make multiple changes in a narrative, like the character Freya in God of War Ragnarok. So, it is very likely that players will see Lempo’s figure beyond the imagination that has been created so far.

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